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Newborn FAQ's

My baby is already here, is it too late to book?

It's best to get in touch asap to see if I am able to offer you a session slot, I'm often booked up in advance but if some babies arrive early and some late I may have a slot to be able to fit you in. 

How long does a session take?

Well....that's the magic question! If baby feeds on arrival and sleeps for the entire session then the shoot will last around 2.5 hours. If baby is going through a cluster feeding stage (common around 2 weeks of age) the session will be a little longer. Please allow up to 4 hours for your session. This allows plenty of time to feed baby and settle after each feed. 

I'd like you to use certain colours, is that ok? 

Of course! Once you've let me know that baby has arrived I send over a brief questionnaire to ask about baby, the questionnaire includes questions on your colour preferences which I will always include in your session. 

There is one specific photo of yours I love, will I be able to get the same/similar? 

Hopefully....newborn sessions are totally baby led, I can ever guarantee any specific poses and no two images are every identical but as long as baby is willing on the day I should be able to create something similar. 

Is there anything I need to do before the session or anything to bring? 

You only need to bring baby and your usual baby bag with nappies, feeds (if bottle feeding), wipes, change of clothes for baby etc Once booked you receive a link to view my Newborn Session Guide which gives all the info on how to prepare and what to bring

Can parents be in some photos too?

Definitely! Parent shots can be included in any newborn sessions with no extra charge, we can discuss things like outfit choices before the session if you'd like any guidance. 

What will we need to do at the session? 

My aim for your session is for you to sit back back and relax. Parents often comment that it's the first time they've had a quiet cup of tea since baby arrived! Once you have arrived and baby has fed I'll take baby off your hands to begin the session and we'll go from there, I'll work my magic, you can relax. 

How long is my wall art voucher valid for?

If purchasing a package with credit for wall art this is valid for 14 days from the date of the viewing session, it's always far easier to use it as the viewing session itself so we can decide on size, images and frame choice then and there.

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