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Hitting the final trimester in your pregnancy is such an important milestone! And while the last few weeks go by, the realisation that you will soon be holding baby in your arms will bring a mix of excitement and anxiety… and a lot of Google-searching to answer all your questions and doubts about what is about to happen.

So, if it’s how you landed here… welcome, and get seated: this article will walk you through what to expect in the last trimester of your pregnancy!



During these 3 months, your baby will continue to grow… a lot! In fact, baby will likely gain about half of their birth weight during the final few months of this journey.

For this reason, by 35-36 weeks you will notice that there won’t be much room for baby to move inside your tummy!

As your little one grows fat under her skin, she starts to look like the baby you expect to see at birth. By 36 weeks she will have done such a good job of growing that she won’t have much room to move throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

A few more changes your baby will go through during the last trimester:

- Around 28 weeks, baby becomes able to open and close their eyes

- Around 31 weeks, they can control their body temperature and won’t have to rely on your amniotic fluid

- Around 34 weeks, your little one will most likely turn head down in preparation for birth

If you want to learn more, this NHS guide offers an interesting week-by-week timeline!


The closer you get to your due date, the stronger your urge to get your home for baby might become… so if you find yourself in the middle of a kitchen cupboards spring cleaning or reorganising all your drawers… welcome to nesting!

And during the last month, while you focus on the nursery’s finishing touches, don’t forget to practice your breathing!

Concentrate on taking slow, deep breaths, inhale through your nose for four counts - exhale through your mouth for four counts…. And repeat!

During the last trimester, you might also experience some extreme tiredness and feel like you could lay your head down anywhere for a week-long nap.

If that is the case, make sure to take some time to rest as much as you can… this is (quite literally) the calm before the storm!


These mild contractions of the uterus can occur at any point in your last trimester and, while uncomfortable, aren't generally painful and aren't an indication of labour.

And if you are curious, and maybe a bit anxious about Braxton Hicks, head over to this NHS article:

Oh and… a few more (very unglamorous) things you might experience during the last trimester of your pregnancy are the need to pee much more frequently, heartburn, and other aches and pains in places you didn’t even know could hurt!


Yes, hormones will be raging and at times you’ll feel tired and uncomfortable, anxious, and incredibly excited and happy to bring a brand-new baby into the world.

Some days, feeling everything might take you to the brink of total overwhelm but remember all this is ok, and you will be fine!

Make sure to talk to friends, mum and of course your partner so your support network can help you get through this final leg of your incredible journey.


I know.

Who in the right mind would want to be photographed while dealing with swollen ankles, back pain and… all the emotions?

But see, a pregnancy photoshoot is not a vain pursuit. Is a way to document your journey to motherhood in a wholesome, flattening, and artistic way.

Think about it: these are images your baby will look back at many years from now, they will be their way to learn more about your bond and how much their birth meant to you and your family…

… something so precious deserves more than a few phone snaps!

So, this is the time to get a specialist maternity photographer involved and make your pregnancy photoshoot a pleasant, relaxing experience that will give you photographs you and your little one will love forever.

If you're considering maternity photos, the last trimester is the ideal time. Ideally between weeks 28 and 30, so your bump is nice and round but you are still comfortable with some gentle posing.


New Fawn Photography – based in Newport - specialises in newborn, baby, and maternity photography for families in and around South Wales.

Want to know more about Maternity Photoshoots? Visit the dedicated page

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