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Maternity Model Call

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

In January 2020 I'm going to offering 3 lucky pregnant ladies the opportunity of a maternity shoot with prints included as part of a model call. I don't offer model calls very often, especially in the last year as I've been incredibly busy but in January I'm taking advantage of a week I've set aside specifically for this personal project.

Good photographers love to develop their skills and are constantly learning and improving what they do, whether that's learning a new skill, purchasing new equipment or using new props and outfits. When taking a paid booking the client often requests certain styling or props and as their photographer I aim to accommodate their preferences. However I'm really keen to put some time aside to work on something I'm really interested in....maternity photography

Every now and then a photographer should shoot for be able to style a session just as they wish, using new props or outfits, perhaps new equipment bought. This is where model call sessions come into play.

What's a model call?

A model call is a photoshoot where the photographer is using the session for something specific, it could be to take specifically styled images for an advertising campaign, it may be to take specific images to enter into a competition, it may to be practice a new skill they have learnt at a recent training event or it may be a simple as wanting to photograph some new outfits or props purchased.

My maternity model call

Back in August I had the pleasure of training with top maternity photographer Natasha Ince. Anyone who know's her work is aware of what a fantastic photographer she is. During the training I was introduced to some new lighting techniques specifically for maternity sessions and I came away very keen to develop my maternity photography portfolio. I planned to run a maternity model call in September straight after working with Natasha but I was absolutely inundated with newborn and Christmas Mini bookings from September until this week when I have finally started to wind down for Christmas. Now my Christmas sessions are all done and dusted I'm looking to the new year and am putting one week at the end of January and one at the end of February aside to shoot for my maternity portfolio, a project I can't wait to start working on. I adored being pregnant with both children and hugely regret not having some good photos taken at this time, my aim is to be able to offer beautiful maternity portraits to make expectant mummies feel beautiful and empowered!

maternity pregnancy photoshoot
One of my images taken at training event with Natasha Ince

What are the details?

  • The model call session will last around 60 minutes.

  • Each session will be completely styled by me and will include some images using beautiful maternity dresses (made specially for maternity photographers), some using just scarves and and some implied nude images.

  • You must be able to travel to me for the session, I'm based 5 minutes from Caerleon in Newport.

  • The sessions will be between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday

  • You will be asked to sign a release form to allow all images taken to be used in my portfolio, both on my website and on my social media.

Image taken by me at training event with Natasha Ince

What will you receive?

You'll receive a free 60 minute photoshoot including use of beautiful dresses and props.

As a thank you for your time you'll also receive two 6x9 mounted prints of your choice form the gallery of images taken.

20% discount on wall art orders from your gallery

50% off a newborn session fee if you choose to book a newborn photoshoot when you come to view your maternity shoot images.

How do I apply?

To apply please click here to contact me where you can complete a short contact form. Please let me know your contact info, due date and any other info you want to share with me. Once I receive your form I'll be touch within 48 hours unless it's over the Christmas holidays, in which case I'll reply when I'm back in the office from the 6th January.

pregnancy photo newport south wales
Maternity image taken by me at training event with Natasha Ince

Each week I like to give shout out to another fellow photographer, this week it Natalie Moss, the best newborn photographer in Surrey who has been blogging about insomnia in pregnancy with some great tips to help get a better nights sleep.

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Carli Adams
Carli Adams
Dec 11, 2019

Wow, you look incredible in these images Lauren. I can see you have the bug now for Maternity. I don't blame you. I think women look amazing when they are pregnant. xx

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