White & Bright Photography

Over the last year I've been developing my style of photography and I love shooting with more natural, neutral colours with an occasional splash of colour added for good measure, occasionally I go bright if requested or if the mood takes me. My go to, and highly requested colours over the last few months are dusky pinks, creams, greens, greys and pale blues.

Every now and then a client requests white and I smile! I love shooting on white, I love it for a variety of reasons but the main reason is I think that using a white background and keeping everything simple allows baby or child to be the sole focus of the image. I follow a number of newborn and cake smash photographers online for inspiration and often feel drawn to the white, bright simplistic style I see some photographers producing at the moment.

When it comes to newborns its easy to see why some parents love white, the baby is the focus here just as they should be, the purity and light in the image is beautiful and when printed these images will be timeless. They will look beautiful in frames or on canvas or other types of wall art no matter the style of the home.

I recently started offering my Newborn Mini Sessions which have been really popular. A shorter, more simple newborn session for those that don't wish to have a full newborn photoshoot and includes one colour choice and 5 digital images included in the price. Everyone who has booked one so far has chosen white as their background colour and the images have all been beautiful!

When it comes to cake smashes white is very popular too, though often with a little colour incorporated. Little Eva's mum (picture below) chose pink and white with a more rustic feel which I think was a fab choice!

White is by far the most popular colour background for my cake smash sessions and it's easy to see why. its a beautiful backdrop for any chosen colour scheme and just as with the newborn sessions I feel this colour helps to give the images a more classic, timeless look.

Lots of photographers are now working with only white, while I think the images are beautiful I'm not planning to make the switch myself. I'm happy working with my mix of colours for now and my clients love to have my colour palette to choose from before their newborn session, though I'll definitely be incorporating some simplistic white and bright sessions every now and then,

If you've got a newborn session booked with me or are interested in booking you can view my colour palettes here

To finish off I'd love to mention the work of Jill Twigge at Light of my Life Baby Photography based in Macclesfield, who works only with white, check her out at I know as a photographer our Christmas Mini sets are in the planning and I can't wait to see what she'll be doing for her Christmas 2019 Mini Sessions with her bright, simplistic style.

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