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Best gifts for expectant mums this Christmas

If you know a mum to be and are looking for some great gift ideas this Chrsitmas then this is the blog you need to read! These gift ideas are also ready for baby shower ideas too.....or for as a special treat any time of the pregnancy.

1. A Pregnancy Massage

What a treat!! Every pregnant woman would appreciate the gift of a pregnancy massage! Pregnancy massages need to be performed after the 1st trimester and by specialist trained therapists, they can be performed with the expectant mum sat up, led on her side or on a specialist maternity massage table which allows mum to be to lie on her front thanks to a cut 'bump' section on the massage table. Everyone who is heavily pregnant knows how much we miss being able to lie on our fronts, particularly in the 3rd trimester. So for the expectant mum in your life why not gift a pregnancy massage, the most relaxing gift that can be given.

2. A 4D Scan

The closest thing you can get to meeting you baby before he or she actually arrives. These 4D scans are amazing, giving the expectant parents a chance to see baby's face in 4D, moving in real time. Having had one of these in each of my own pregnancies I really cant recommend these enough. Baby can sometimes be seen sucking their thumbs (or even toes!!), swallowing, yawning or even with hiccups if the time is right! A truly memorable experience these scans make wonderful gifts.

3. A course of Pregnancy Yoga classes

These classes are a great way for any mum to be to prepare for the birth and also to meet other expectant mums. Antenatal classes can often be bought in blocks of classes which would make a lovely gift for the mum to be in your life.

4. A Pregnancy Pillow

Getting comfortable in pregnancy can be pretty tricky, particularly as the due date approaches so why not gift a pregnancy pillow to the mum to be in your life? Not just to help at night these also come in handy in the day and also after baby has been born! These can double up as a great feeding pillow or support pillow post cesarean section. These pillows come in a range of shapes and sizes but I particularly like this one which can be purchased from Amazon.

5. A Pregnancy Journal & To Do Planner

For those that love to be organised and love a good list this is the perfect gift! This 2 in 1 journal and to do planner helps keep track of all things pregnancy related, the Nest Planner is the ultimate journal, inspiring parents-to-be on what to do, buy, organise and think about before baby arrives calmly guiding expectant mums through each phase of pregnancy.

Part reference book and part journal, this unique planner is packed full of advice and inspiration for mum to be, baby and the home. To purchase this amazing planning head on over to Not on the High Street now.

6. A Pregnancy Photoshoot

A wonderful way to treat any new mum at a very special time of her life. A pregnancy photoshoot can really make a mum to be feel beautiful, strong and empowered. With images to treasure forever these shoots make the perfect gift and with various options to choose from they can suit any budget. From mini shoots to full photoshoots with makeup and hair included there are plenty of options to choose from. Having trained with the best of the best in maternity photography I adore this style of maternity photography and just love the reaction I get when sharing images with mums to be for the first time.

Beautiful gift certificates are available for these special photoshoots, for more information on my pregnancy sessions please contact me.

That's it for this week, I hope this blog has given you some ideas for treating the mum to be in your life, at a time when tiredness and aches and pains can take over its lovely to be made to feel special and I'm sure they'd appreciate any one of these fab gift ideas.

Each week I love to give a shout out to a fellow photographer I follow, this week it's Lisa Louis of Cosy Toes Photography, East Grinstead Newborn Photographer, check out her latest blog!

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Kathryn Hill
Kathryn Hill
09 dic 2019

What a brilliant blog, I love the pregnancy pillow! That looks pretty amazing! Stunning maternity photographs too, I love the colours you used

Me gusta

Oh that pregnancy pillow looks so comfortable! So many lovely ideas. Definitely worth doing a maternity photoshoot, it’s such a special time.

Me gusta

Kirsty Kaulfuss
Kirsty Kaulfuss
08 dic 2019

So many brilliant ideas! I love your mat shoot the mummy is GORGEOUS! x

Me gusta

Carli Adams
Carli Adams
06 dic 2019

These are some really good ideas for mums to be

Me gusta

05 dic 2019

Perfect gift ideas for the new Mum to be!

Me gusta
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